Course Pricing

Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC)         $170.00

Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course  (CRFSC)  $100.00

Combined CFSC and CRFSC  $270.00

Please note- At this time we only offer combined CFSC and CRFSC courses. 

Accepted payment types- E-transfer or cash.

Unfortunately NO visa or debit card payments at this time. 

We are very proud of our SERVING & RETIRED “CANADIAN FIRST RESPONDERS” & “MILITARY” – contact us for: “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE” pricing.

Family pricing

We believe the knowledge of responsible use of firearms is important for the whole family. For spouse or children under 21 still living at home and in school and taking the course with you.

Non-Restricted: $144.50 (Family Special)

Restricted: $85.00 (Family Special)

Cancellation Policy 

We understand that things do happen in life resulting in individuals not being able to attend the course they signed up for. That’s why we offer a full refund on e-transfer payments up to 48 hours before the course.  Unfortunately anything less then 48 hours no refund will be given. 

Please note that minors (Age 12 to 17) can only apply for the Non-Restricted Course and requires parental consent given to the instructor prior to class.  The minor can apply for a Possession License Under the Firearms Act (Minor) upon successful completion of the Non-Restricted Course.

This course is a requirement to apply for a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL). Keep in mind that there are other requirements to obtain a PAL and criminal history or mental illness may prevent you from obtaining one.   

Have you been out of school a long time and apprehensive about exams? Our presentation has over 300 power point slides. Adults and students who English is their second language do consistently well on the exams. We’re geared towards teaching everyone including adults who are many, many years out of school.